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I was trying to estimate how much energy a user will inject on grid. I do have the monthly consumption in a year range, the demand in kw montlhy, but this user only do his normal operations during week days, so the load in weekends is lower. Which is the best option for me to insert the data i have on PVsyst to have more accurate values?

I did a first try inserting only monthly consumption and i did a comparison with the real injected energy from this client, and the values were closer, but i want to confirm that the data is accurate.

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This is not the right way.

The balance of self-consumed and injected power has to be done in hourly values, otherwise it doesn't make sense.

Therefore for getting reliable values it is necessary to provide a representative hourly distribution of the consumptions during the year.

You can do that either by importing a file of hourly consumption values for the full year, or by creating a generic hourly distribution during the day (i.e.choose "Daily Profiles" in the load definition). You have the opportunity of defining a different profile for the week-ends.

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