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Modifying multiple components (PV as sheds) in near shading

Magnus Støylen

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I want to know if there is possible is possible to modify multiple components simultaneously?

I have in the "near shading" part (Global scene view) placed multiple (very many) PV as sheds on a flat roof. Now I would like to change the angle on all of them (to the same angle). As of now I have to modify every single one (one at a time), instead of selecting them all and changing the angle on them all simultaneously. It is possible to select multiple PV as sheds, but when i try to change the angle (with multiple PV as sheds selected) through modify I end up with only one PV as sheds with the desired angle.

Is there a way to modify multiple components in PVsyst simultaneously?

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I don't think there is a way to modify multiple objects at once. However, I've found a slight workaround that may work for you. If you place an object below your array with a given tilt, say a roof with a roof angle of 20 degrees, and select Tools>position tables on scene, all the objects should adjust to the tilt of that roof angle.
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