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Horizon line vs free horizon


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I have just added and horizon to a project and... the results are better now.

Free horizon:

-1.4% Near shadings: irradiation loss

3498 MWh/year.


Horizon (average height: 3.9·):

-0.8% Far Shadings / Horizon

-0.3% Near shadings: irradiation loss

3511 MWh/year


Can anybody share an explanation?

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Which version are you using ?

In the versions 6.40 and 6.41, there was indeed a problem in some specific cases when mixing Near shadings and Horizon shadings. But the error was not so significant than in this example.

If you are using another version, please send your full project (using "Files > Import projects" in the main menu), to support@pvsyst.com.

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