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PV loss due to temperature


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May i know how to adjust 2 parameters below to obtain the higher performance ratio at the output of inverter.

1) PV loss due to irradiance level (cost 0.5% efficiency loss)

2) PV loss due to temperature (cost 9.5% efficiency loss)

In my simulation, the thermal parameter i set to "free" mounted modules with air circulation. The geographic site at Kedah, Malaysia.

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There is no really explicit parameter for these losses: these are a result of the simulation.

- The irradiance loss is related to the low-light performance of your PV modules. Which is itself dependent mainly on the Rserie defined for this module.

Please see our FAQ How should be the Rserie value specified ?

- The temperature loss is related to the heat loss factor U (normally 29 W/m2k for a "nude" module, i.e. row arrangement), and the temperature behavior of the PV module (muPmpp factor).

You should not modify these values without solid reasons.

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