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Trackers energy consumption


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What's the best way to introduce the energy consumed by trackers?

Let's say our trackers consume 0.5 Wh/Wp per year.

It could be accounted as a constant loss, but it is difficult to include this auxiliary energy loss if you are already considering fans consumption from a given produced power.

It looks there should be another way to include these losses.

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The problem is that there's no option for this losses (energy consumed by trackers):

Option 1: Continuous auxiliary loss (fans, etc.) ... from thresfold on oper. power.

Here I include inverter auxiliary losses.

Option 2: Proportional to plant operating power

These losses aren't proportional to opertaing power, they can't be included here.

Options 3: Night loss.

Not here.

I think there should be another option for this kind of losses.

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