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Single Axis tracker with axis not aligned N-S or E-W


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There is a somewhat odd site for which I am building an "as-built" PVsyst model for the owner.

The site is comprised of single axis trackers which are not built with the axis of rotation along the N-S line. The axis is horizontal, but with an azimuth about 12 degrees off the N-S line. It is as though the builders constructed the site so that the axis was aligned to magnetic north rather than true north. I am certain this will make some difference in annual production.

I *think* that manually rotating the arrays in the shading scene so that they have a non-zero azimuth is the correct approach. However the azimuth setting in the orientation section is always zero and cannot be changed. Looking at hourly data, it is not clear to me if my solution is correct.

Please advise as to how I should model this.

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