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I have the available area for the future site of the solar Park, for example 50 000m². In reality the available area for installing the PV is going to be less, so 40 000m². (Roads, building)

40 000M² available to install PV panels. In «System, Pre-sizing help» should I enter 40 000m² ?

Does this area include the space between the panels (the shed) or it is only the module area ?

I want to know where do I enter the real area available for panels that I measured on the field ?


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In the presizing - and everywhere in the software - the area is the area of the modules themselves.

There is no direct tool for this evaluation in PVsyst.

You can evaluate the desired GCR (according to the tilt and acceptable shading losses), using for example the "Unlimited sheds" option.

The you determine the effective available ground area (taking the roads and other specificities into account).

The pre-sizing active area will be the ground area times the GCR.

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