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Module Quality Loss


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Most high quality modules these days have a positive tolerance for nominal power. However, the factory flash tests themselves generally have a tolerance of +-3% and thus the nominal power may be less than the flash test result.

Should this flash test tolerance generally taken into account in the Module Quality Loss input?



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Hi Andre,

In version 6, both tolerance limits are specified, and PVsyst will choose a quarter of the difference between these values. For example, with -3..+3%, it will be 1.5%, and with positive sorting 0..+3%, it will be -0.75% (i.e. a gain).

This module quality loss we have to manually enter or automatically PVsyst will take the right value. We actually manually entering this value till now. Please clarify.

'a quarter of the difference between these values' on which basis this calculation?- Please Clarify

Thank you

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As explained in the FAQ:

- At the creation of a calculation version, the Module quality loss is pre-defined at a value according to the module's tolerances. This is a default value.

The quarter of the value between Min and Max tolerance is my own choice.

- This parameter is at your disposal: you can change this value for taking any other phenomenon into account, according to your requirements or your judgement.

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