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Invalid Meto file: The clearness index is to high


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I am doing some simulations in 5 different sites in Norway, but only 2 of 5 works. For the sites in (Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø) I get the error message: Invalid Meto file: "The clearness index if the best clear days are very high with the respect of to the clear day model" I have tried import the sites from the meteonorm 7 software serveral times (Both hourly, Monthly) but still get the same error for these sites.

I am new PVsyst, so it could be my lack of experience.

Could someone please help me?

Many thanks!


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Meteo data for very high latitudes (where the sun is low on horizon, or even not apparent during the day) are sometimes difficult to manage with the usual models.

If with the imported Meteonorm data, you have problems like this one you can modify the limits in the "Hidden parameters".

In this case: topic "Miscellaneous: Meteo, Simulation, ... ", item "Best KtCC days have strongly high values".

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I have the opposite problem - the clearness index is too low. It is for Cameroon site, with high diffuse irradiation. I am using hourly satellite data, not Meteonorm. Is it possible to override the warning and use the file?

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