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Tranposition not changing between models (6.44)


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Created projects using the Hays transposition, saved and closed. Reopened then changed to the Perez within the project (not preferences) and re-ran the model. Report showing "Hays" model.

When i create a new model, no problem. I have a bunch of existing models which i need to change from Hays to Perez without having to recreate all of them again.

thanks, Mario

Today i found if the near shading is turned off, then switching between Hays and Perez works as it should (and displays on the report correctly). This points to a software glitch, as we should be able to run Perez model with near shading.

my guess is the report has a glitch. Running the models with the near shading and just changing between Hays and Perez shows the model is working correctly because production is different (minutely higher) with Perez, just not showing the correct Transposition on the report.

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