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How could I build my PV module which work on the space?


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Hi I'm Eddie.

Recently, I try to create the PV module which operate in the space, but some parameter can't be accept for instance GRef and TRef.

In the space, the GRef is usually around 1350 W/m^2 and the range of the TRef is -20°C~150°C.

How could I solve the problem??


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The GRef and TRef are the values for the definition of the model according to Isc, Voc, Imp and Vmp (normally the STC values).

Now the operating condition Goper is normally not limited. If so, please tell me where in the software.

The operating temperature should not be lower than -20 to -30°C. Below these values, I don't know how the one-diode model will behave.

Usually, the diode Saturation current becomes quasi-null. For calculation reasons, PVsyst put a lower limit (0.1 pA), and the behavior of the one-diode model is slightly altered (namely the temperature coefficient becomes positive).

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