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Incorrect Transposition Model Displayed in Report

Kyle Kattke

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I'm using PVsyst V6.44.

I've selected the Perez transposition model within my project's parameters.

However, in the report, it states the Hays transposition model has been used.

I believe my project is using the Perez model for the simulation, and it is simply reporting the wrong model. I tested this theory by changing the transposition model to Hays which resulted in a 1.6% production decrease from my original simulation using Perez.


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I just updated to Version 6.49 and I am now experiencing this same bug. I use the Perez transposition, but sometimes the reports show Hay.

When I run a simulation and print the report immediately, the Perez transposition is correctly listed. However, when I save the Variant, open the Miscellaneous tools to change the Resulting estimation from 95 to 99, the report then shows the incorrect Hay transposition.



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