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Load profile wrongly imported


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I have imported a customers load profile according to the format described in "Hourly_Parameter_Template" and my success rate could be better :? .

Then I have made a sample file with 1kW load per hour and imported it. It shows the right values in the table called "ASCII source file", but all values are divided by exactly 3.6 in the graph and simulations, evaluated by changing some of the hourly values to 3.6.

Example from csv-file:

Date P Load

01-01-14 0:00 1

01-01-14 1:00 3.6

01-01-14 2:00 1

By the way, the first hour of day one is not imported - from day two, everything is fine.

It seems like I miss some basic understanding, so can you please help me out?

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Hi Again

I am using PVsyst 6.47 and follows the mentioned guide line.

As I am not allowed to upload .csv or .xlsx files, I upload a screenshot of a 30 minute load profile example, which I have used for import evaluation.

Screenshots from the import is attached and they show that the ASCII source file has valid data and that the first value in the file is not in the graph.

When I make 15 and 60 minute load profiles, the exact same problem occurs.

As you can see on the hourly user needs, the values computed in PVsyst are 3.6 times lower than the imported values.

What am I doing wrong?


Import graph showing missing first value from imported file


Showing imported values from ASCII Source file


Example file of load profile used for screenshots

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You have probably not read the help "Project design > User's needs ("load") > Load profile: ASCII file definition".

This is easily available by typing F1 when you are in the concerned dialog.

This gives a detailed explanation of the procedure, and mentions a template for the CSV file within the software. You are strongly advised to use it.

Your file is not complete: the line for the unit definition, just after the Colunm's titles, is missing.

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I must have made something else wrong also, as I had made files with W, kW etc. without any luck.

Now it works and it could be because I got confused by subhourly data and kW vs. kWh...

Thanks for supporting me.

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