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Difference between irradiance level on Orientation page x Results report


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I am wondering why there is a difference between the irradiance shown on the Orientation page after i define a plane tilt and the azimuth angle and the irradiance on the collector plane shown on the Results Report at the table "GlobInc".

Should be the same value both of them, should not? Why the simulation changes this value?

Thanks in advance



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In the "Orientation " part, this is a rough tool for a quick evaluation of your orientation with respect to the optimal.

This quick calculation is based on a simplified model based on the monthly meteo data only, without full accuracy.

Moreover, if your meteo data (*.MET file) are not complete year, this tool will use the data defined in the "Project's site.

The data on the report are the result of the hourly data simulation, these are the reference results.

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