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Shading estimation in "near shadings acc. to strings" and "acc. to module layout" options


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In my simulation of a tilted axis tracker system with NS axis using PVsyst V6.38 acc. to the following two variants,

a. with near shadings definition according to strings

b. with near shadings definition in detail according to module layout.

shading loss results were observed as below:

a. Near shadings definition according to strings : irradiance loss (3%) electrical loss acc. to strings (0.9%)

b. Near shadings definition according to module layout : irradiance loss (2.9%) electrical loss detailed module calculations (0%)

Please clarify why the irradiance and electrical shading loss is higher in simulation as per string definition and decreases for a more detailed module level.

How is the effect of shadows from portrait and landscape sides evaluated in either cases?

Looking forward to your response.

Thanks and regards,


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I don't understand why the calculation of electrical losses with Module Layout gives a null result, when it is not null with the calculation "according to module strings". There is probably another difference in your simulations.

With calculation "according to module strings", the rectangles-strings will be different with portrait and landscape arrangement.

And you have obviously a difference also in the Modules layout definition.

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The system definition and the shading scenes used are the same in both cases, which is why this question arose.

In fact the new variant for "module layout" calculations were created from the variant where shading definition is "according to strings".

The module orientation is also the same in both cases - which is in landscape mode.

Please find attached is a snapshot of the shading scene.


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Dear Mr. Mermoud,

There is no inconsistency in the query. What you see in the shading scene is also a tracker. Each module is mounted on individual single axis trackers (2m x 1m) with an axis tilt of 3degrees. This is why the shading scene snapshot has the appearance of a fixed tilt system.

Hope I have clarified.



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