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We often work on quite large projects and the recent speed improvement of PVsyst during the shading calculation phase was a gift from heaven for us.

Because of this we maybe became too used to not optimizing the shading scene before porting it to PVsyst because the calculation time was short enough anyway.

This brought out a new issue that we never had before, the calculation of the shadings used more than 2GB of RAM memory and, being PVsyst 32bit, crashed.

Now, take this as an inquiry more than a request, we would were wondering if you are planning of releasing a 64bit version of PVsyst so it could overcome the memory limit and let us be even more lazy with the optimization.

Thanks for the wonderful updates so far and best regards.


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Hello there,

It would be technically possible to make a 64 bits version of PVsyst, but it would currently take too much time for low gain, here's why :

Before version 6.60, there was a known limitation when calculating shadings for big scenes which had many string partitions. The shading calculations have been refactored since in order to use less memory and be faster.

So if you still have this kind of issues in version 6.60, can you please send us the project which crashes because of memory limitation ?

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Sorry, disregard my previous mail and reply. I just sent you the whole project instead.

It contains a previous variant that has being calculated successfully and the second one, called 5.2m pitch, that keep crashing when calculating shadings.

Best regards

Edit1: Normally I enable optimized calculation for shadings believing that it would speed up the process. Well, I found out that in this case, disabling it, the calculations go on without any problem using very little memory and we couldn't notice a speed difference. Please clarify the function of that option.

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Looks like PVsyst just released a 64bit version. Trying figure out how to download but I thought I would respond to this thread.

In version 7.0 (25.05.2020) 5.25.2020 May 25th.

New features:

Support of 64-bit architectures : this will extend PVsyst capabilities of handling large projects and shading scenes

Irradiance: new improved treatment of the circumsolar component, impacts on the electrical shadings and vertical Bi-facial systems

System : unlimited number of sub-arrays

Shadings : conversion of fixed tables to trackers, new trackers with central gap parameter for bifacial, import of trackers from Helios3D, import of PVC files

Output AC circuit : definition of several MV and HV transformers, with their specifications

Live results display : see results values and graphs while the simulation is running

Economic evaluation : Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), Net Present Value (NPV), multiple loans of multiple types, advanced depreciation configuration

Economic evaluation : now available for Stand-alone and Pumping systems

Simulation : display of warnings during the simulation and with the results


Module Layout: great improvements in submodule shading calculations accuracy, print of the layout has also been improved and can now be printed in the report

User interface : improvements of the user interface and user experience

License management simplification

Localization : full-software translation coverage (except the Help), Turkish and Korean languages now available

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