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active area of systems and shadings, available area


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what do you mean by active area of a system and active area of shadings?

while trying to simulate my project, i get an error saying active area is larger than the pv field collector area. how can i eleminate such an error?

and in the system parameters before simulation, we have an option called available area. how do we calculate this and how do we link this with the active area of the system?

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The active area of the system is the sum of the PV modules area (as defined in the "system" part).

The active area of the 3D shadings part is the area of the "tables"defined.

PVsyst requires that you define a sufficient area in the 3D scene for positioning all your modules, this seems quite logical ...

The "available area" in the System part is in a frame named "Presizing Help".

You can specify here the available area that you have at disposal for installing your PV system if it is known. It will allow PVsyst to warn you when you don't have sufficient room for positioning all the modules you have asked for.

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