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Seasonal Tracking


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I am trying to run a simulation using a Seasonal Tilt of 5 Degrees during the summer and 10 degrees during the winter. When I set up the orientation parameter I can select this from the drop down menu and it sets it at those requirements.

When I then click on Near Shading it reads to me that I have to create a a active PVsyst area of 13m^2 and so I click on Near Shading to add panels but I dont know which panels to add.

I have tried adding PV Panels in Sheds but then I have to end up updating my orentation settings. Im not quite sure what to do.

Please let me know if you have done this before.




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When you go into the near shadings tab it should give you a warning that you can't define near shadings with a seasonable adjustable array.

My suggestion would be to run two simulations, one at each tilt angle. Then take a yearly average using the monthly values corresponding to each tilt angle.

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