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I am using "Tools" / "Import ASCII meteo files" to import my own measured data in PVsyst. (It is 5 min measured values for one summer month, august, actually 20 days of the month). After the conversion I am getting the message "average time shift on clear days -25 minutes" (this is shown in the check data quality tab above the graph).

To correct this I do the following:

I click in the tab next to the "format protocol file" and in the "date format" tab I set time shift 25. I save the file, I choose the ascii source file again and I run the conversion again. Then it shows me again the same message about the time shift: "average time shift on clear days -25 minutes" . (I repeated setting the time shift at -25, 30, and other values and it still shows me the same message). Could you please tell me how I can correct this?



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