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  1. Once a meteo file like TMY has been imported into PVsyst, does the program provide an easy tool for sorting the total annual hours of sun above the horizons (let's say 15deg E and W)? Thanks Al
  2. Hello, I would like to know if someone knows how to define a closure formula or the product of the set of key parameters in PVsyst where one could estimate the min and max bound on the output energy? I know there is a generally reported uncertainty on PVsyst of ~ +- 3%. What are the min/max (%) values in PVsyst loss diagram that I can consider against my simulation of any project? The closest closure formula would be like Power output of PVUSA rating. Regards Al
  3. Great! Thank you. Since that time I studied some approaches about how to quantify SF (sizing factor) as related to the PV Array STC power. I understand this is an optimization problem that needs to be run for influencing factors like: orientation, irradiance and temperature profiles through the year, assuming one is looking at a specific site.
  4. Hello! Let's assume, inverter sizing factor is defined as: Inverter Sizing Factor, Cinv = Array STC power / Inverter AC nominal rating Can anyone tell me how does this factor vary with the POA irradiance and PV array STC size? Thanks A.
  5. 1Plasmon

    DC losses

    Can someone tell me of the assumed 2% losses on the DC side? What is the background to this assumption? I know that once the layout of an array is worked out, the copper losses could be estimated. Thanks, Al.
  6. Hello, How can I create an OND file for an inverter that is not listed on Photon D/B or in PVsyst library nor the supplier has it either? Thanks A.
  7. Dear Andre, Thank you for this feedback. I was looking at the main components in an inverter like On/Off cycling of IGBTs and its gradual moving away from the design point (band) of predicted good thermal heat sinking behavior. This is just an example. Capacitors or IGBTs are purely examples and do present an opportunity to think/explore if they degrade over time (affecting output). If we find out they really do and therefore allowed for in the overall architecture of the inverter system, then I'd like to know if it could be modeled somehow in your software. Best, Ali
  8. Hello, I will appreciate if you could give me some insight on the rate of degradation of central inverters for large scale PV power plants. I have to add: I talked a well known supplier and apparently they do not assign such a rate to their product though they allow for the eventual aging and the gradual wear and tear of their components in the inverter, like capacitors, bridge, etc. I'd like to factor in this value in energy production across 20 -25 year operation. Ali
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