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  1. Hi! I would like to test (simulate) the same PV system with various meteo files (I have meteo data for my location for period of 10 years). How to do it without creating whole electrical (PV panels, cables, inverters) and geometrical (localization, orientation, horizon) structure of the pv system each time from begining. When I'm trying to create new variant of project with new meteo file all important data mentioned above are lost!!!
  2. In my opinion taking daily values of wind velocity from ascii file (constant value for given day) is much better solution than taking monthly average from site description (constant value for all days in given month). I hope it be implemented soon in next version of PVsyst. You are doing good job with development of PVsyst software, Andre! Best Regards Johnny
  3. I have daily ASCII meteo file for my site (Global Horizontal Irradiation, Ambient temperature, Wind Velocity). When I'm trying to import it to PVsyst v5.62 (Import ASCII meteo file, Daily data, Markov distribution) irradiation and temperature data are properly converted to *.met file, but Wind Velocity data are equal 0. When I uncheck Wind velocity in "Meteo Variables" this data are taken to *.met from site description (monthly average). Could someone check it and try to explain?
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