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  1. Dear PVsyst team How do I increase the presentation of cost of energy so that its presented in more than 2 decimal places. I need this presentation for a study I am doing on the cost of energy for different orientations under inter-row shading conditions. The difference in most cases is very small and will need up to 5 decimal places for the comparisons. Regards Stephen
  2. Dear PVsyst Team Would you please assist on how I can setup a simulation of inter-row shading using PVsyst, in a way that I will be able to see the Energy Output of each hour of the year for a specific power plant size installed at a specific location. The whole idea is to be able to optimise Plane tilt, inter-row spacing to Array width ratio by minimising energy cost from the array. My main challenge is how do I link the following functions in PVsyst to achieve my objectives: 1. The "Unlimited Sheds" in orientation 2. Creating a 3D scene for sheds (rows) and how do I relate this to the system configuration I define under "System". An example of 3D scene for inter-row shading would be aprreciated. 3. How do I access "Module Layout" function so that I can also vary electrical interconnections to minimise the effect of inter-row shading on system output and performance Regards Stephen
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