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  1. Hi, I have a large number of licenses, and a growing limitation we are finding is the inability to run true sub-hourly simulations at 15 or 30 minute increments. For long-term yield of a PV-only plant with a fixed price PPA hourly is fine, but adding storage, variable market pricing, and working in regions with extremely variable irradiance means additional time fidelity is needed, and I have to go to other tools to get it. We have high quality weather data coming in now at 30 minute intervals for nearly every location on earth, and site-specific data down to 1 minute intervals. I'd love for PVsyst to keep up with the improvements in meteo resource data, especially if we are pending a new major update with additional costs for annual licensing. Thanks - Sam
  2. Is support for the NREL NSRDB viewer (https://nsrdb.nrel.gov/) coming soon? In the short-term it would be very nice to take advantage of the new solar model, smaller grid cells, and more recent data as a basic import to PVsyst. On a wishlist would be the ability to run sub-hourly simulations (30 minute) and automatically incorporate the historical data analysis. -Sam
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