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  1. I wanted to ask what paremeter identifies the degradation of the PV modules due to the rise of module temperature (thermal stresses)? Does the ageing tool take into consideration the module temperature? And does the ageing tool provide average degradation per year differently for different module typesetting? @Michele Oliosi
  2. Hello, I am using PVsyst to simulate a PV plant in Egypt. I tried to import NASA SSE meteorological data. However, the wind velocity values are all 0 m/s. What is the reason behind this? Thank you
  3. How can I find the absorption coefficient of the PV module in order to be used in the thermal parameter?
  4. @Michele Oliosi Do you have any updates regarding this issue? Thanks in advance.
  5. Yes @Michele Oliosi I can show you the results of one single iteration in four different locations, you will find a constant difference in the annual average values. Weather Corrected PR - PR = 0.003 The four attachements shows the results of running the simulations with the same system inputs but the only difference is the weather data.
  6. @Michele Oliosi I always get a fixed difference in the simulation results. When I change the location to different cities, the difference between PR and WCPR is 0.003
  7. @Michele Oliosi Hope this message finds you well. I have the same issue and Can you please explain to me how the weather-corrected PR is calculated in PVsyst and is it fixed or not yet because I get a fixed difference between PR and weather-corrected PR of 0.003
  8. If I export the excel file using only the meteo data then If I import it again, it will be recognized as a new meteo file in PVsyst? Thanks in advance
  9. @Michele Oliosi Please tell me the answer of the first question. Thanks in avance.
  10. Can you explain what is the 8760 ? Please attach media. Thank you so much.
  11. This means PVsyst recognizes the time where there is no irradiance and then does not calculate the thermal losses unless the irradiance presence is provided in the hourly values table. Is this right? Secondly, How can I export the meteonorm 8.1 data used in my simulation as I need to edit only the ambient temperature. Thank you
  12. This means the losses are only calculated using the hourly temperature values only in the presence of irradiance or throught the day (24 hours)?
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