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  1. Dear Sir Thank you for your cooperation always. I am creating PAN File and I would like to know how to calculate Series and Shunt Resistance. I am looking forwards to hearing. Best Regards,
  2. Dear Sir Thank you so much for your support always. Well Noted. Best Regards,
  3. Dear Sir, Thank you for your suppport always. I would like to know how to fix Unregistered I/O error,no 123. The following error appears and CSV file can not be outputed. I am using PVsyst Version 6.7.7. Best Regards, Thet
  4. I am trying to use Ground object feature for a complex solar project which will build over the mountain. My question are Q1: How to use Ground object feature? Q2:What kind of survey data do i need to use ground object feature? Q3:Are there any training video of using Ground object feature? That`s all. Thank you for your always support. Thet
  5. Thank you so much for your support always. It worked well.
  6. I am sorry.I got an error when I use power sharing feature
  7. I am sorry how to set dummy MPPT. How to use power sharing features
  8. Thank you for your prompt response. I am sorry how to set dummy MPPT.
  9. We have four orientations in our system such as 0 Degree,1 Degree,3 Degree and 6 Degree respectively. There are also 5 different buildings as follow; Building#1 0 Degree,78 modules ,3 strings Building#2 6 Degree,624 modules ,24 strings Building#3 3 Degree,208 modules,8 strings Building#4 3 Degree,52 modules,2 strings Building#5 1 Degree,416 modules,16 strings And we are planning to use 4 PCS in our system as well. According to the components specs, we will use 26 series and 53 strings.We want to distribute 26 series and 53 strings to 4 PCS as below. PCS #1 and #2 -> 24 strings PCS#3 -> 11 strings PCS#4 -> 18 strings It seems that we need to mix two orientation of Building#1 and Building #2 to meet 11 strings for PCS#3 and also need to mix Building#4 and Building #5 to meet 18 strings in PCS#4. But I just see that mixing two orientation (mixed orientation #1 and #2) is possible only one time.isn’t it? How to set and mix different orientations and distribute to 4 PCS? Please somebody help to solve this matter ASAP. I am sorry in a hurry. Thank you so much for your always support.
  10. thank you for you reply.It work well.
  11. It can be possibel to create both P50 and P90 userhourly CSV seperately?.If yes,how to create it.Thank you for your support .
  12. CO2 emissions balance page is included sometimes in my report but not included sometimes when I simulate.where could I check its parameters ?now I am using v7.2.18. Thank you 🙏
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