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  1. Hello, We checked the help section and we couldn't find the way to calculate inverter loss, we would very grateful if we get help to know the exact formula to determine inverter loss. In addition, with many simulations, we get inverter loss 0, so how is that calculated? Best regards,
  2. Hello Michele, Thank you for your answer, We want to clarify that the file we are using file with 30 minutes time stamp (you can find attatched the data we are using), so we are wondering if the values have a connection with the sunrise? Best regards,
  3. Hi, While calculating the Azimuth angle, we faced a problem, in fact we applied the rules we found in the help documentation (PVsyst 7 Solar Geometry) to calculate the Azimuth, and at 7:00 am but the value was not correct. We also share with you the coordinataes of the location lat = 33.61 lon = -114.58 tilt = 30 Azimut = 0 time_zone=-8 yr = 2000 albedo = 0.2 Kindley share with us what is the possible issue that made the 7:00 am value wrong. You can find attached our results (in yellow) and the results generated by PVsyst. Thank you in advance, Best regards
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