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  1. I think i found what the problem with my configuration was. i used more mppts indeed. my mistake .
  2. HELLO. i have a pv project with several iinverters Goodwe GW100K_HT. my problem is : i connect several strings that in total are 13. the inverter has total 10 mppts with 2 dc inputs each( 20 dc inputs in total) i have 13 strings to connect. i do this in 5 inverters. in the global system summary i see the number of inverters is 6.6. the correct should be 5. i go to the power sharing and i get the message : the sum of the mppt inputs in the sub-arrays is not a multiple of the number of inverter mppt inputs. the above message is true but it shouldn't be a problem. the inverter allows to connect more strings than the mppts . therefore it is not a problem. how can configure my system so that it is correct ? ( PS. one bypass is to create inverters with the exact mppts for each number of strings that i connect for each inverter. ( that is not entirely correct because then i will get better (false) yield. but it worked to bypass the problem. in fact this is the only solution that worked. ) i will be waiting for your answer. thank you.
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