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  1. im using simple method to know the loss due to the Inverter Clipping from Daily Scada. input where : a. Irradiance per 15 min b. Energy Exported per 15 min from there we can deduce based on DC/AC ratio what is the max irradiance we can get daily for example for 1.4 ratio we can used max 720 W/m2. Simulated Power based on Irradiance (in this term lets put 1000 W/M2) , we can get 42.042 KW or 42MW so if we put Irradiance Limit 720 , and compare what losses we can have daily losses due to this inverter clipping. Whether this calculation approach is suitable to look into as for to calculate how much loss we got due to the inverter clipping ? thats why im concern since from PVsyst loss diagram, i can only found 0.3% loss from "Inverter loss over nominal INV Power". i see in other topic which have this kind of case , you quote as below : This makes me more certain since "Annual Production probability is almost meet with the PVsyst simulation. Maybe .. just maybe this "Inverter loss over nominal INV Power" is not as much predicted in PVsyst.
  2. I have 42MW array PV however i only have 30MW Inverters, which means Solar Farm generated more Energy than my Inverter can handled (Inverter Clipping) In Diagram Loss from Pvsyst only shown -0.3% "Inverter Loss over Nominal INV.Power" , however from my yearly-monthly-daily calculation the loss from this "Inverter Clipping" can cause from 5%-11% depend on how much irradiance which happen at that day. I wonder whether the "Inverter loss over nominal INV Power" is the same as the losses of "Inverter Clipping", since the number of % is mismatch. and whether PVsyst can forecast the losses due to AC/DC ratio or Inverter Clipping in order to us to get suitable PR Performance ?
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