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  1. Thanks for the reply. We hope to get the Aging AND Carbon Balance Tool for the stand alone systems in the upcoming release.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the detailed information, greatly appreciated We have been following the same procedure through using the grid connected one. You reply and suggestion have validated our approach so that now we can work with more confidence onward. Have a nice day!
  3. Hi, No, as I mentioned above, I am working for Stand-alone PV systems.
  4. Thanks Lazare. I also noticed Aging option is disabled in Advance Simulation. I intend to calculate the yields for 20 years. Can you please suggest on this?
  5. I am working for Standalone PV systems
  6. Hello I am using a licensed version of PVsyst, updated to version 7.2.14 (r25623). I am unable to find Carbon Balance Tool in PVsyst. Could you please suggest me where should I get this option? Best regards
  7. Corrections: 1 year starting from 1990-01-01 to 1990-12-31. Meteonorm (1986 - 2005)
  8. Hello Good Day! I am working for an off-grid solar PV project in MALI. The project is about electrification of health centres, which may contain some critical health related equipment. Therefore, information about yields and PLOL for each year would be very useful. I was trying to simulate our PV system using a licensed PVsyst to estimate the results for 20 years . I was trying to do it using Advance Simulation. However, simulation date available at this option are only for 1 year starting from 1990-01-01 to 1990-01-01. The Meteo File for this location shows Meteonorm (19986 - 2005), sat=100%, Synthetic. Therefore, I am able to simulate the results for 1 year. For the remaining years, I am calculating yields manually using MS Excel file by applying 0.5% degradation rate for PV madules. I was just wondering if I am making any mistake here. Could someone guide me to use proper options in PVsyst in order to perform the simulations for 20 years.
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