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  1. Hi PVsyst; I'm trying to import hourly SolarGIS data but PVsyst 6.30 is giving me the error attached below (error#1). The time zone of the location is UTC+10.5 . I looked at the SolarGIS file header and I couldn't find any mention of the time zone. So it must be that PVsyst is assuming a value? I looked at an older SolarGIS sample and I found that the file header contains this line: #Time Zone;0 So I tried to add this line to my hourly data file: #Time Zone;10.5 PVsyst didn't recognise that and it gave me the second error attached below (error#2). error#1 error#1 error#2 error#2 Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello, I have 3 months of 1 second measured data (GHI,Temperature, WS, RH) and would like PVsyst to use this data to generate the corresponding 1-minute [at least] or ideally the 1-second power output. Is this possible? I am aware of the possibility of producing hourly .csv output. But can I output at smaller intervals? As a background, the reason why I need such simulation is to assess the ramp rate (variability) of a multi-MW PV system power output. Many thanks in advance, Ahmad
  3. Hello, I am using PVsyst 6.11... I defined a 2-axis tracking system:10 frams x 9 240Wp panels each when I try to run the simulation I get error#9, please see attached screenshot. Any idea what went wrong please? happy to share the project file if needed. Many thanks, A
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