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  1. Hi all, Does PVsyst assume a certain amount of shading losses from the PV panels themselves (i.e., even if I do not adjust any of the shading factors in the program)? Thanks, Len
  2. I would like to transfer the license from one computer in my office to another computer. What will happen to all the saved projects on the original computer (which will turn into Demo mode)?
  3. Thanks, but doesn't the angle affect the number of PV panels you should install in a given area? When I run PVsyst at different angles, the number of PV panels installed remains the same.
  4. Thanks, that I understand. What I would like to find out is: given a specific area size, what is the optimal angle for placing the PV panels in order to maximize energy output?
  5. If I change the tilt in a project, for example, from 15 degrees to 30 degrees, should the number of modules that can fit in the project change? When I did this on my project, the number of modules remained the same. The only change was in increase in the produced energy (MWh/year). Thanks!
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