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  1. This situation is very new for me. I have to keep inverter power factor set at 0.80 and my connection point at grid has to be kept at 0.90. Is this possible in Energy Management tool? If yes, how to do this?
  2. I am a newbie on this . I was trying to understand few things on detailed computation of mismatch (Loss section that uses RMS of Voc and Isc). As I am seeing the help section , the IV curves are based on single diode model that has following parameters : I = Current supplied by the module [A].- Unknown V = Voltage at the terminals of the module [V].- Unknown IphRef = Photocurrent [A] IoRef = diode inverse saturation current [A] Rs = Series resistance [ohm]. Rsh = Shunt resistance [ohm]. Gamma= Diode quality factor, theoretically between 1 and 2, often less q = Charge of the electron = 1.602·E-19 Coulomb k = Bolzmann's constant = 1.381 E-23 J/K. Ncs = Number of cells in series. Tc = Effective temperature of the cells [Kelvin] As I understand we get IV curves from this equation .Now looking at the detailed computation, It uses RMS values of Voc and Isc and obtains statistical sample of Voc and Isc . It then uses them in generating IV curves after aligning Voc and Isc (summing etc) . But, As I see the single diode equation has these two parameters as unknown that is calculated from the photocurrent IphRef. I am not able to relate this part . How we are generating the new IV curves from the statistical sample . Are we using this same single diode equation to generate IV curves here or some more info is there? Or I am interpreting things incorrectly ??
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