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  1. Hi Andre/Dtarin, Thanks for your response please find inverter and snapshot at different temperature as below. - This may be different in both cases. You don't provide the values of PNom and PMax of each inverter and the corresponding reference temperatures. If I compare Pnom and Pmax of both inverter still sungrow has max AC capacity as compare with Huwei string inverter at 45 Deg Temperature. - It depends also on the way you have defined the inverter's temperature during operation in the dialog "Energy Management". As shown in below snapshot for both inverters I have considered same assumption.(Outdoor Installation). If you need anything further please let me know. Sungrow:- Huwei:-
  2. Hi Team, I have performed two different simulation with Sungrow 3437 kW central and Huawei 215 kW string inverter. Can you please clarify why inverter loss over nominal power is more in central inverter (0.78%) than string inverter(0.31%)? Sungrow central inverter Project AC capacity(501.8 MW) is more at 45 Deg C than Huawei string inverter(487.5 MW) and Maximum site ambient temperature is 30.2 Deg C, therefore I believe temperature degradation should not be an issue. Project capacity and details as below. If you need anything further please let me know. Module Inverter Max Ambient site Temperature Inverter rating @ 45 Deg C Project AC Capcity @45 Deg C in MW Project DC Capacity Inverter Loss over nominal inv. Power Inverter Loss during operation Canadian Solar, 665 [Wp] Monofacial Sungrow, 3437 kW 30.2 3437 kW 501.802 670 MWp 0.78% 1.34% Canadian Solar, 665 [Wp] Monofacial Huwei, SUN2000-215KTL 30.2 195 kW 487.5 670 MWp 0.31% 1.55%
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