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  1. Hello, I have a doubt regarding how can influence the TMY weather data from two different sources (meteonorm & solargis) on the gain (GHI/POA), I think this must be only geometrical matter. I have run the same model with both databases: v.7.2.16 TMY MN yields a PR of 79.2% and the ratio GHI/POA = 1.29 v.7.2.16 TMY SGis yields a PR of 78.5% and the ratio GHI/POA = 1.27 also, as a reference I have the original version: v.6.53 TMY MN yields a PR of 78.2% and the ratio GHI/POA = 1.29.
  2. Good afternoon to all, this is my first post on this forum. Last week I had a problem simulating a contractual year custom meteo file (from 10 of Apr.19 to 10 of Apr20), whose weather values cover 13 calendar months, although it is actually 366 calendar days. When I ran the model a few weeks ago (in version 7.1.8) I had no problem, but when I ran it last week in version 7.2.2 the 13th output (corresponding to the last 10 days of the year to be simulated) showed a yearly subtotal instead of the monthly subtotal. At first I thought it could be a configuration issue, but I was checking all settings and i didn't found anything... then we simulated again in an older version (v.7.1.8) and we got the expected result. What could be the cause of this problem? Thanks in advance :)
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