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  1. Hello, I would like to do a batch simulation of an east-west-systems I created in "Near Shading" I had to characterize two different orientations with different azimuth (one to the east, one to the west). Unfortunately it seems impossible to change the tilt of these orientation with the batch simulation? Is there any chance to do so or do you have an idea to fix the problem? Thank you for your help, best regards, MarVF
  2. Hello, I have a question to the shading losses of unlimited tracking systems in reference to unlimited sheds. "Backtracking" and "Irradiance optimization" is activated. To compare the shading losses I created a table with the losses of both simulations. fixed tilt tracking system GlobHor 990,2 990,2 GlobInc 1091 1231 BeamInc 522,3 630 DifSInc 400,4 398,6 Alb_Inc 2,535 11,71 ShdLoss 9,306 22,58 ShdBLss 1,624 0 ShdDLss 4,792 11,36 ShdALss 2,43 11,22 I'm wondering about the higher total ShdLoss with the tracking system. It makes sense that the Shd albedo losses are in total higher due to the higer albedo incidence irradiation and that the shading beam losses are zero because of the backtracking. But what is the reason of the higher shading diffuse loss? I try to understand the simulation for a better validation of the results. I'm thankful if you could help me. Best regards, Jan
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