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  1. Hello, I did a simulation importing a .pvc 3Dscene from PVcase. The Lay Out includes multiple orientations ( more than 8). So, I have several and irregualr azimut and tilt values. I could run the simulationm, but I don't know how to do it using bifacial pv modules. PVSYST shows the error of bifacial 2D model computation. So, PVSYST requires "unlimited sheds" or Fixed tilt plane" which is not my real scneario. So, is there any way to simulate bifacial PV modules using 3D scene with more than 8 orientations? Additional, and without bifacial PV modules, the report shows also a pitch and azimut. How relevan or represantives those values are since I have a 3D Scene? Your support is highly appreciated. Br Puna PV_Project.VC5-Report.pdf
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