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  1. Same thought on Meteonorm, i've always thought of it as the most reliable, came here to see what people thought of PVGIS 5.2 Ran a quick test in Perth, Meteonorm shows 100% Sat? Source Global Diffuse Meteonorm 8.0 2052.6 568.0 NASA-SSE 1836.3 565.2 PVGIS 5.2 1921.6 612.8 Gonna have a significant effect on results, so like to hear the consensus on what is more accurate?
  2. Any progress on this? I've got a standalone system with three orientations on a steep roof that I'd like to simulate
  3. Thanks, Its good to hear its being worked on as I'm finding more situations where several orientations become necessary A little off topic but is there any plans for PVsyst to support AC coupled batteries? These systems seem to be replacing the traditional DC systems
  4. I know this has been brought up before, Is there any way we can use multiple orientations for Standalone systems? I've been doing a lot more Standalone systems lately and have just been "Averaging" the orientations to make it work If its working fine in Grid-Connect simulations why can't it work the same in Standalone? Thanks
  5. Answered my own question, The settings i was looking for are under Main Parameters --> System --> PV Array Tab --> Controller (Open) --> Thresholds Tab
  6. I'm simulating an off-grid system with a battery and backup genset but i cant figure out how to change the SOC trigger level for the Generator Startup. In the PVsyst Report this is listed as "Battery Management Control" "Back-Up Genset Command SOC = 0.15/0.45" I interpret this as start generator at 15% and stop at 45% I would like to change this to start at 30% and stop at 55% to reduce battery wear How do i change this? Thanks
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