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  1. I have had success with the following Autocad LT -> Sketchup -> PVsyst. My steps are as follows: - create 2D layout of PV tables (not modules) in Autocad LT (these will inherently be flat or zero tilt i.e. a top down view) - Export DWG from CAD - Import DWG into Sketchup - explode group (you'll end up with 4 individual lines for each table) - Run Eneroth Face Creator extension (see below) - You now have a "surface" that PVsyst can identify - Rotate the scene in Sketchup 180 (Sketcup/CAD uses 180 as South but PVsyst uses 0 for South) - Export the drawing as a DAE file (exporting as 3ds will cause each individual line to be considered a surface) - Create your project in PVsyst - Import DAE in Near Shadings -> Construction / Perspective -> File -> Import -> Import a 3D Scene - PVsyst will have a pop up window with two tabs, "Scene details" and "PV objects" - Pick the correct scale from Scene details then select the material from PV objects - Select all and change the tables to the desired tilt - Select all and apply the required strings layout I'm sure this could be streamlined if working in 3D CAD but 2D seems to be more effective IMO. Eneroth Face Creator extension, you're looking for file "ene_face_creator_v1.0.0.rbz" https://extensions.sketchup.com/extension/0fe232b8-f236-4f0c-99a8-b239d9bb5f48/eneroth-face-creator
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