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  1. Still pretty new to this, and even with the docs I'm not certain I'm doing it right. Can someone confirm it is? Two inverters with three identical MPPTs each, four orientations. 50kW inverter #1: 43.6kWp (22x2x3) https://i.imgur.com/WvNMxyr.png What does the checkbox to the right of Nb of MPPT inputs do? 50kW inverter #2: 18.8kWp (19x3) + 18.8kWp (19x3) + 17.8kWp (18x3) https://i.imgur.com/kUJyzED.png(x3) https://i.imgur.com/NLAaWE0.png Should "Use the Nominal..." be checked? Or should I change the PNom ratios? What about Multi-orientation daily sharing? Thanks
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