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  1. Hi PVsyst experts, I am trying to find the factors that impact on the ground reflection on front side which appears in loss diagram in Bi-facial module simulations. Other than geometry parameters such as tilt, pitch, coll band width etc. I assume albedo that is defined in both project settings and system definition should bring some impact as well to this gain. However, by playing with the albedos in the simulation, I realized the higher the albedo, the smaller this gain is. It is quite surprising as I imagined the more reflected light, the more energy should be produced for the front side cells. Could someone help me understand why the result is opposite? Regards
  2. Hi dear engineers, I am running simulation for a solar farm using the pan file from a client. However, I found in the pan file, the Rshunt and Rserie are defined irregularly high which led to a gain at the irradiance level. Knowing your method of calculating defaults are as below: -Rshunt = Vmp / (0.2 * (Isc-Imp)). The 0.2 coefficient may be different for other technologies (0.33 for amorphous). -Rserie is determined according to the low-light performance resulting from the model, in order to obtain a relative efficiency of -3% at 200 W/m2. I'm wondering if you have any recommendation for a range of Rshunt and Rserie values in the simulation? Thank you in advance for helping!
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