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  1. The forum won't let me upload a .csv file, so I'm sending all three files to the admin@pvsyst.com email found on the website. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, I've been trying to import an ASCII file of actual weather data from 2000, which was a leap year, into PVsyst version 6.08. I've tried using the "Dates read on file" option, but instead of reading 29th February when converting, it skips to March, adds a 13th month at the end of the data, and replaces the corresponding weather data with zeros. Is there a tutorial online for importing leap year data, or has someone dealt with this problem before? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I upgraded to the newest version of PVsyst (6.11) and could not find a parameter that could previously be written to the simulation output file. Incident angle used to be a parameter in the "Incident energy factors" category. Has it been removed from the output file parameter list, and if so, is there an alternative parameter from which I can easily calculate the incident angle? For reference, this was with a tilted single axis tracking system with a tilt angle of 0 degrees, with a defined shading scene. Thank you!
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