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  1. I just updated to version 7.1 and now, whenever I try to upload a meteo file using the custom meteo file option, PVsyst does not correctly identify the commas. Luckily I kept V7.0 uploaded which works, but it is important that this get fixed in the next update. Thank you.
  2. I'm modeling a plant using First Solar modules and hoping to use the built-in spectral correction feature. My weather data provider does not include precipitable water but does include relative humidity. When uploading weather data in the PVsyst standard format, relative humidity does not appear in the options for parameters to include that would be used by PVsyst. How can I upload weather data that would be usable for this model? Thanks!
  3. Sorry if I'm missing something, but if I have the most up-to-date version, how can I open an older version? Thanks!
  4. Thank you. Unfortunately, I have updated to the latest version and the .met file was created in a previous version. Is there a way for me to somehow return to a previous version to upload the meteo file, and then return to the updated version of PVsyst and have the meteo transfer with that change?
  5. Hi - For some reason, I cannot find any information about uploading a *.met file that has been shared with you by another PVsyst user. Could you please instruct? I don't have the source data, only the output .met file. Thanks!
  6. I am modeling a bifacial system and seeing performance ratios >100% in winter months. There is high albedo due to snow during this time so I am wondering whether this is somehow due to backside gain, but is this accurate? Am I somehow missing some losses or something that should be accounted for? Thanks!!
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