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  1. Ok, it starded working after installing the upgrade to version 6.86
  2. Hello all. Unfortunately it seems that there is an import the "PVGIS V5 Hourly time series" problem again. After selecting the "Import" button there is the message: http://pliki.domrel.pl/pvsf/kom1.png http://pliki.domrel.pl/pvsf/kom2.png Can antyhing be done to make it work? Please for help.
  3. Thank you for your interest and answer. Currently, the module parameters are as follows: http://pliki.domrel.pl/PVSF/p1.png http://pliki.domrel.pl/PVSF/p2.png http://pliki.domrel.pl/PVSF/p3.png http://pliki.domrel.pl/PVSF/p4.png http://pliki.domrel.pl/PVSF/p5.png PAN file: PVObject_=pvModule Version=6.81 Flags=$0743 PVObject_Commercial=pvCommercial Flags=$0041 Manufacturer=Hanwha Q Cells Model=Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.2 400 DataSource=Manufacturer 2019 YearBeg=2019 Width=1.000 Height=2.015 Depth=0.035 Weight=23.500 NPieces=100 PriceDate=27/06/19 11:19 End of PVObject pvCommercial Technol=mtSiMono NCelS=72 NCelP=2 NDiode=3 GRef=1000 TRef=25.0 PNom=400.0 PNomTolLow=0.00 PNomTolUp=1.40 Isc=10.240 Voc=49.00 Imp=9.750 Vmp=41.04 muISC=4.00 muVocSpec=-140.0 muPmpReq=-0.360 RShunt=400 Rp_0=1600 Rp_Exp=5.50 RSerie=0.212 Gamma=0.977 muGamma=-0.0005 VMaxIEC=1500 VMaxUL=1500 Absorb=0.90 ARev=3.200 BRev=12.288 RDiode=0.010 VRevDiode=-0.70 AirMassRef=1.500 CellArea=122.2 SandiaAMCorr=50.000 End of PVObject pvModule Is it OK now? Production has improved :)
  4. Hello, did I correctly enter the module's data into the database? Energy production results seem too low. Module Q.CELLS Q.PEAK DUO L-G5.2 400 Manufacturer data sheet: http://pliki.domrel.pl/PVSF/Q_CELLS_Data_sheet.png My PVsyst module data tabs: http://pliki.domrel.pl/PVSF/Tab1.png http://pliki.domrel.pl/PVSF/Tab2.png I have not changed other tabs. Exported to excel: http://pliki.domrel.pl/PVSF/qc.xls Should I improve something???
  5. It is possible manual entry of data (eg. PVGIS CM-SAF 1998-2011) generated on the site http://re.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pvgis/apps4/pvest.php
  6. Hello PVsyst Team, Why can not the PVGIS-CMSAF data be imported (according to the instructions on page http://files.pvsyst.com/help/meteo_import_pvgis.htm) after the PVsyst update? In PVsyst in "Databases" / "Import meteo data" option "PVGIS" is not available. Thank you for asking.
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