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  1. Thanks for your feedback. I better understand how PVsyst works. But I can't understand your statement : " the balance of the unused energy will be exactly the same" I can't see how it could be the same. If my battery is getting fully charged during the day, my converters are still running to supply the load and the battery is maintained in Floating. The solar power is used (not at the MPPT point) for the load. So the energy is not fully lost. So the total of unused energy can not be the same. Could you clarify ? Thanks and best regards
  2. Hello, I have a problem to simulate a standalone system (PV+battery+generator). My simulation results give me a high level of "unused energy (battery full)". I analysed the graphs, and the it is because the PV converters stop when battery SOC is 100% and restart when battery SOC is 75%. So, solar power is lost and the load is fed from the battery (even if solar power is available), until the battery SOC reached the "restart" threshold. This is not the way it works in reality. In real life, when battery is full, the PV converters are still running and the PV energy is used to feed the load (thus keeping the battery fully charged). How can I simulate this ? Why do I need to define a stop and start threshold for the PV converters ? Moreover PVsyst requires to define an hysteresis between the stop and start threshold. Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards
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