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Problem with h2p files
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Author:  Gmiret [ Sun Oct 18, 2020 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Problem with h2p files

Hello everyone,

I'm working in a 50 MWp plant in a difficult ground. I made the layout on sketchup (Skelion) with one axis trackers. Obviously, the trackers has a different slope angle (-3º to 5º aproximately) but the same azimut (0º).

So, I have 2 different problems:

- 1st: When i drop the trackers on de ground coplanar to the surface, PVSyst give a warning because the trackers haven't the same orientation. I made a test only with 4 trackers and PVSyst give the same warning.

- 2nd: If I drop de trackers without rotation, I can simulate the shades, but the problem is PVSyst dont recognize the backtracking.

I don't know if I explained right but i need help.

Best Regards, and thank you.

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