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Understanding Mismatch Detailed Conputation.
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Author:  psmith [ Tue Sep 21, 2021 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Understanding Mismatch Detailed Conputation.

I am a newbie on this . I was trying to understand few things on detailed computation of mismatch (Loss section that uses RMS of Voc and Isc).
As I am seeing the help section , the IV curves are based on single diode model that has following parameters :
I = Current supplied by the module [A].- Unknown
V = Voltage at the terminals of the module [V].- Unknown
IphRef = Photocurrent [A]
IoRef = diode inverse saturation current [A]
Rs = Series resistance [ohm].
Rsh = Shunt resistance [ohm].
Gamma= Diode quality factor, theoretically between 1 and 2, often less
q = Charge of the electron = 1.602·E-19 Coulomb
k = Bolzmann's constant = 1.381 E-23 J/K.
Ncs = Number of cells in series.
Tc = Effective temperature of the cells [Kelvin]

As I understand we get IV curves from this equation .Now looking at the detailed computation, It uses RMS values of Voc and Isc and obtains statistical sample of Voc and Isc . It then uses them in generating IV curves after aligning Voc and Isc (summing etc) . But, As I see the single diode equation has these two parameters as unknown that is calculated from the photocurrent IphRef. I am not able to relate this part . How we are generating the new IV curves from the statistical sample . Are we using this same single diode equation to generate IV curves here or some more info is there? Or I am interpreting things incorrectly ??

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