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Rshunt and Rserie
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Author:  EngineerSolar [ Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:44 am ]
Post subject:  Rshunt and Rserie

Hi dear engineers,
I am running simulation for a solar farm using the pan file from a client. However, I found in the pan file, the Rshunt and Rserie are defined irregularly high which led to a gain at the irradiance level. Knowing your method of calculating defaults are as below:
-Rshunt = Vmp / (0.2 * (Isc-Imp)). The 0.2 coefficient may be different for other technologies (0.33 for amorphous).
-Rserie is determined according to the low-light performance resulting from the model, in order to obtain a relative efficiency of -3% at 200 W/m2.

I'm wondering if you have any recommendation for a range of Rshunt and Rserie values in the simulation?

Thank you in advance for helping!

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