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PVSyst Standard format for Time-series
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Author:  jmfeppon [ Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  PVSyst Standard format for Time-series

Dear all,

This mail to inform that, starting from 6.60 release, the routine that reads .csv meteo files written in 'PVSyst Standard format' now handles times-series. The former limitation - one full year only - has been removed. It is also possible to load one single day of data, several weeks, or several months.

Several service providers now deliver their data for PVSyst directly in the .csv 'PVSyst Standard format'. They are, at current date, and per alphabetical order :
- 3Tier-Vaisala
- Explorador Solar (Chile)
- ReuniWatt
- SolarGis (still some work to be done on their side, but the loading of time series was already possible with their native format)
- Vortex Solar

Discussions are in progress with SolarAnywhere and NREL (Viewer).

Note that, for any other meteo file available in .csv format, there is still the possibility to :
- manually convert it into the 'PVSyst Standard format',
- process it using to the 'PVSyst Standard format' entry in the list (Databases\ Import Meteo data ).

This would create several .MET files according to the time-serie.

Author:  jmfeppon [ Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PVSyst Standard format for Time-series

See attached a sample, manually built from a file downloaded on the free-service 'Explorador Solar', http://walker.dgf.uchile.cl/Explorador/Solar3/

Taltal_PVSystStdFormat.7z [298.56 KiB]
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