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Simulation without PV Losses due to temperature


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Hi, everyone.

I'm trying to simulate a Grid Connected PV Plant, but I need the PR results in the report without PV Losses due to temperature.

How can I indicate PVsyst not to calculate these losses and have an ideal PR with all temperatures equal to 25ºC (STC).


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You can create a weather file with measured module temperature and have this value fixed at 25°C.

To get this weather file (.MET file), you need first to create a corresponding CSV file with the additional column giving the module temperature.

The easiest way is to stick to the PVsyst standard format as described in: https://www.pvsyst.com/help/meteo_pvsyst_standard_format.htm
If you don't have a starting point for the CSV file, you can run a simulation and create an hourly ASCII output files containing the variables GlobHor, DiffHor and T_Amb. Then rename the column headers according to the PVsyst standard format.
Add a column with the module temperature, and which should be named 'TArray'. Fill the column with constant values at 25°C.
You can now import the csv file as 'Known format'.

Alternatively, you can use the 'custom' weather import and define manually which column contains which variable.

Once you are using a weather file containing the variable TArray, you will have the option to use the module temperature from the MET file instead of applying the thermal model that calculates the module temperature during the simulation. This option is found in 'Detailed losses -> Thermal parameters'.
Note that the option is hidden if the MET file does not contain the measured module temperature.

If you run the simulation like this, the 'PV loss due to temperature' will vanish.


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