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How to place blind modules


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Hey there, 

I was wondering if there is any option to place blind modules? I want to create a shed of a specific size (for example a 14 modules length x 6 modules height shed) 
But i only want to place 80 modules instead of the 84 modules which could find a place on this shed. Therefore i would want to put 4 blind modules, which have no physical effect on energy production. 

Is there a blind modules option in PVsyst or do you have any suggestions how i could realize this idea?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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What you do in the shading scene will not change your system definition. You can define 80 modules under system, and production will be based on 80. Your shading losses will come from the shading scene and if you create a shade scene with 84 modules vs 80, use partial shading feature and only select the 80 modules you want to include in the shading. I would say though if the four modules are not casting shade onto other modules, then you wont need to place them in the first place. 

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